Monday, July 6, 2009


We have attracted wildlife into backyard ever since we turned it into a mini oasis. We really enjoy the birds, squirrels and chipmunk but late last night we had a nocturnal black and white striped invader of the stinky persuasion.

The biggest two of our three dogs tried to run the unholy marauder off and lost the battle before it had barely begun.

Both big dogs hate the bathtub and are very disobedient so it took two strong men to get them into the bathroom, and another swift runner to drive to the grocery store to buy more peroxide and baking soda.

(Thank goodness for 24 hour groceries and the genius that came up with this simple recipe that really works to get rid of skunk odor)

So, during the beginning hour of my birthday, I am locked in a tiny bathroom with two extremely stinky 90 pound dogs and my DD (she deserves a medal). Both hounds are plotting their escape, waiting for an unguarded moment when someone opens the door so they can run through the house and spread their skunky odor.

(As much as the two big dogs want to get out of the bathroom, the small dog, for some strange reason, wants to get in.)

I had enough de-scenting ingredients for the first dog, and he is de-skunked, rinsed, (why isn't there any water pressure on the hand held sprayer?) shampooed, and rinsed again, (why isn't there any water pressure on the hand held sprayer?)and passed off to DD for drying.

The second dog is nervously panting, further heating the small space with his hot doggy breath, while he waits his turn in the tub.

By this time all I can smell is skunk and the bathroom and I are a mess of water and dog fur.

Eventually, the runner returns with the needed supplies and the second dog is de-skunked, rinsed, (why isn't there any water pressure on the hand held sprayer?) shampooed, and rinsed again (why isn't there any water pressure on the hand held sprayer?). I let my guard down for a second (probably to wipe the water and fur from my face) and the old doggy fool manages to leap from the tub at the exact second my daughter opens the door to come in to dry him. He ran down the hall and stairs dripping water with DD in hot pursuit. No one would have believed that such an old dog with hip problems could move so fast.

I cleaned up the bathroom, took a shower and returned to my comfy chair. The yard and house still reek of skunk, DH tried to remedy the problem while I was dealing with the dogs by spraying room freshener everywhere. Unfortunately, the product he used is one I should have thrown away because I think it smells just as bad as the skunk. The combination of both smells is not at all pleasant.

DS brought me a delicious birthday martini, it took the edge off me but not off the smell.


Quilty bird said...

Oh, dear! Not the best birthday present. Whenever something like this happens, I try to remind myself that it will make a great story for the rest of my life. ...Remember that time....

AverettLadyNana said...

Mercy! well it made a great story! And in a few years you'll be able to laugh about it! I haven't seen a shunk in years! But they were plentiful where I grew up! And I so remember the scent they emit when frighten. Martini sounds delish!!