Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fabric Postcards

I finally tried making a couple of fabric postcards.  I received a book about them for Christmas.  It takes me awhile to get up the courage to try new things.  (I still haven't read the book.) 

Playing with scissors and paste all afternoon was very pleasant and now I have plenty of postcard ideas.  

Because I have zero artistic ability, I used kid's coloring sheets that I found on the internet.  I scaled them down to fit a postcard and cut them apart to make patterns.  

After I made the pumpkin and bat I thought maybe a glue stick would simplify the process.  I tried using a glue stick to stick the fabric to the Heat N Bond and also stuck the pattern piece (not completely cut out) to the paper side of the Heat N Bond.  Once all three parts were stuck together, I cut the part  out, removed the paper  pattern and used the iron to stick the bonding stuff to the fabric.  This worked really well on small parts.  

When my daughter  saw the pumpkin card she told me she really liked it but she had  a problem recognizing the candy corn for a few seconds.  I asked her why and she reminded me that candy corn is not black and yellow.  LOL  I had pulled out an orange scrap for it but in my excitement over learning a new craft, I forgot and used the black I had pulled for the pumpkin's face.

After I finished the scarecrow, I realized I should have done his head in pumpkin orange too.  Oh well.  

Four postcards didn't use much fabric from my crumbs bin though, in fact, it seemed fuller and was harder to shut after I dug through it to get these little bits.  

This is the perfect craft to use up all of the old sewing thread I have collected from yard sales over the years!