Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Magic Crumb Scrap Quilt Tutorial

I combined two ideas in my Magic Crumb quilt, Crumb Squares  and the Disappearing 9 Patch

My crumb squares are 6 inches but any size will work.  You need 4 crumb squares for each  Magic Crumb Block

(These measurements assume you are using 6 inch crumb squares)

The contrasting fabric is cut in 4 1/2 inches strips.  

For each Magic Crumb block you need:
2 patches that are 4.5 inches by  6 inches 
1 strip 4.5 inches by 14.5 inches.

Don't use any crumb block that has the same color on the edge as your contrasting fabric (in the middle seems fine).  

Sew them together so they look like this:

Cut the block half through the middle (2 inches from the seam) 

Rotate the mat and cut through the middle again.  Now your block is in four pieces

Rotate the top left corner and bottom right corner 180 degrees so it looks like this:

Sew the block back together.  

That's it!   Easy huh.  I am thinking this setting would be great for an I Spy Quilt too.


Shannon said...


Thanks for posting this tutuorial...

Beth at Ionia Quilt Works said...

Thanks Pat! I have a whole shoebox full of crumb blocks! I just didn't know what I wanted to do with them! Now I do

doni said...

I love the quilt - and never would have guessed it was this easy!

Thanks for sharing your method!

fellow stashbuster doni @ Oregon coast!

Anonymous said...

I just cut phone book pgs to start more 8" scrappy blocks. Think I am going to use your idea except put the 'crumbs' in the corners and a solid in the middle and prints on the sides and do the traditional 9-patch then cut. I had made one before with focus fabric in the corners and it turned out nice.- cheryl

Potpourri said...

What a kewl idea. Thanks for it

Scrappy-Quilter said...

I love this idea - I have been piecing crumb blocks for awhile now and this is a great setting for them - thanks so much for sharing your idea. I found it on Stashbusters.

Pat said...

I've got some ABC blocks and I did a disappearing 9 patch with them, but they were too busy for my taste. This will be an excellent way to use up the four sets I've been saving. Thanks for the info!

Sonja said...

What a cute idea!

Elaine M said...

Thanks for the great idea and instructions. I have half my quilt together and love how the crumb blocks pop.