Monday, January 18, 2010

My Rag Rug is Finally Finished!

I have been working on this rag rug on and off for at least two weeks. I started it to thin out the scrap bin. It was bulging with fabric so I took out everything that was of lesser quality and also every fabric I was sick of looking at. I cut it all into 2 inch squares, I had a very large shoebox full.

I cut a piece of upholstery fabric about 20" by 28" and sewed a piece of striped cotton on top so I wouldn't need to draw lines. One by one, I folded the squares in half to form a triangle and sewed them on the backing in rows. It took about 50 rows to cover the base with about 80 squares in each row. That's about 4000 squares, approximately ten yards of fabric.

Hopefully it will wash well and last a long time.

Finally now I can get back to quilting!


Sharyn said...

I made 3 for our 5th wheel, and you are correct, I was bored to tears too :) yours looks like the finished project will be much nicer than mine, I sewed the lined then cut through all but the bottom layer chenille style.

Please let us know in scrapbusters what they look like when they've been washed and fluffed. Thank you for sharing.

Quiltsmiles said...

Love your rug. How great to use up 10 yards of fabric from the scrap bins. Way to go. Sounds like you were thoroughly spoiled during the Holidays. Glad you enjoyed them. Jane

Mary-Jeanine said...

I made one recently and (gulp) washed/dried it. Came out great! There were a few threads to trim off, here and there, but it looks much better now. Some of the cheap fabric was stiff, so the wash/dry softened it up and made it play nice with the other fabrics.
thanks for the great idea.