Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back of the Door Organizer

My new cutting table is made of four base cabinets fastened together in a 2 X 2 grid and topped with a piece of plywood. Each cabinet has a drawer. When I started unpacking my sewing supplies I filled one drawer with my stash of fusible interfacing, freezer paper, craft fuse etc. It seemed like a waste of drawer space. I remembered seeing a picture of a door mounted organizer online in a picture of someone's sewing room and decided I would try to make one.

The door holder I sized it for ended up being too weak and I had to swap with another so the hanging tabs don't fit quite right.


Cheri said...

This is a really good idea for storing these. I'm gonna borrow it. Thanks!

Sue said...

You are just chuck full of great ideas. Thanks for sharing. If we get to do another card swap, I'm making myself a card wall so I can show them off too.

Milly said...
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