Monday, January 19, 2009

Crumb Block Quilt

I finished piecing together some crumb blocks using a modified version of the disappearing 9 patch. I'm satisfied with the way it turned out.

I made enough of these blocks last year to make at least 2 of these tops. And now my crumb bin is getting full again.

I had some requests for instructions so I put a tutorial here.


Anonymous said...

I love your quilt. I love the border strips of the blocks. Not having strips on each side reflects movement, which I really like.

I am just starting a string quilt/crumb quilt/strip quilt - whatever you want to call it. Actually, I haven't started it yet - I'm going through my stash and sorting, etc. What a job. You did a fantastic job. I'm going to print off a picture of your quilt to give me incentive to "keep going".

Anonymous said...

It's me again. Upon looking at your quilt again, I see that there ARE border strips around each block, just not connected in one corner. Did you devise this technique yourself or read about it somewhere. I'd love to read about it, very stunning.

Louise B. said...

Very nice crumb quilt, I love scrappy anything scrappy is right down my alley.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful work